Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tsonga wins Paris Masters..Wow

Tsonga beats Nalbandian to win Paris Masters. So he takes the last spot for the Masters Cup. I just love his energy. Looking like M Ali doesn't hurt!

Lot of rumor about Nadal's injury. He may sit out the Master's cup and prepare for Davis Cup.

It has been an amazing year for men's tennis. With a global recession, I am not sure why 2009 would shape up.

With oil money drying up, will Dubai still offer top players millions in under the table appearance fees?

Banks (and related financial companies) are broke. They are big sponsors of tennis events.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who will win the Master's Cup?

Master's Cup starts in Shanghai on Nov 9th. Just a week away

Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Davydenko, Roddick, and Del Potro have already qualifed for the Master's Cup. The last spot will be taken by the winner of Nalbandian/Tsonga final in Paris.

Nadal looks tired and has not been playing his best. No matter what happens, he will end the year No.1. Great year. FO and Wimbledon, Olympic gold medal too.

Federer looks sharp. Assuming that his stiff back is not an issue, Roger should be the favorite. He has lost a match to Andy Murray since the US Open. He has mostly looked very sharp and looks like the old Roger is back. He has recovered some of his confidence. He is serve bombs. Is it just me or is he serving better than he ever has. Rough start to the year but will end it strong. Should be an interesting 2009. Rafa, watch out. Old Roger is back.

Djokovic has faded. He cannot seem to put 4 good weeks together. Endurance and fitness seem to be an issue. The guy needs to pace himself and limit his number of tournaments and concentrate on the Masters and Grandslams.

Murray could give Roger a run for his money or he could win it all. He has increased the level of his play and his serve is lethal on carpet. Roger had trouble returning his serve in Madrid. 2009 looks good for him. Britain may finally see a Grandslam winner in 2009 since....forever.

Roddick has qualified. That is an accomplishment. It is going to be tough for him to get far. He is getting older but his serve will keep him in the Top 20 for a few more years. Should be packed off early from Shanghai. He can go home and do his full monty tennis for the girl who paid 15K for the show.(Money goes to charity ofcourse). Then find a good coach and prepare for 2009.

I am surprised Nalbandian shows no interest in the Masters Cup. He is very talented and plays well on the surface. Didn't he go fishing last year when he could have been the reserve player (could have played in case someone dropped out)?He and Del Potro should lead Argentina to Davis cup victory, we will see.

Tsonga is like Djokovic in terms of fitness, only worse. He is injured all the time, it looks like. But when he plays, he is Mohammad Ali. Great character on court.

Del Potro had a great year but should not bother the big guns too much. A future star, no doubt.

My pick: Roger Federer

Paris Masters..Nalbandian Vs Tsonga final

Nalbandian outlasts Davydenko in one semi and JW Tsonga comes through in the other. Only if JWT can remain injury free all year long, he will get very good.

Rafa & Roger pull out due to injuries. Rafa did play one set, Roger did not take the court at all due to a bad back. Nothing major according to Roger.